Shiatsu session

Shiatsu is applied through a layer of clothing, preferably cotton and takes place on a treatment table or a futon on the floor. Avoid eating for one hour before the session.

The type of treatment delivered depends on your history. For this reason at the initial consultation, I will give you a short questionnaire to complete. Each session lasts approximately one hour including the treatment and time for discussion. Sessions often begin with subtle manipulation and stretching to stimulate the movement of energy. Appropriate treatment will be applied depending on the energy blockages which vary greatly between individuals.

I may further recommend simple exercises or dietary advice at the end of a session in order to support the process of recovery and encourage self responsibility. Ultimately, the aim is to increase the body’s natural healing power.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Shiatsu session.

Holistic Massage session

Each Holistic massage session is tailored to your individual needs. The treatment will be suited to you specifically, following no fixed routine and taking into account your unique personal situation.

On your first visit I will give you a short questionnaire to complete. This is to ensure that I am aware of any medical conditions which may affect the way I carry out the massage. Pure vegetable oils are used to enhance the massage.

During your massage, I will use my fingers, knuckles, hands and elbows to apply various massage techniques around the body. I will apply pressure and certain movements (effleurage) using my fingers and palms. As the session progresses, deeper pressure (petrissage) may be applied to stretch out and separate muscle tissue and encourage better circulation of fluids in the body. The method used for deep tissue massage (frictions) involves breaking down built up scar tissue and separation of muscle fibres. This can be uncomfortable on occasion but I will not go beyond your comfort zone. I will also use kneading movements as well as tapotement which include cupping and light hacking movements from the wrists.