Shiatsu Background

Shiatsu is a traditional, Japanese bodywork therapy and has its roots in Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu is a hands-on method that uses finger and palm pressure to various points on the surface of the body. Energy channels or meridians throughout the body become blocked by build up of stress in our daily lives. This situation can give rise to various symptoms and a sense of unease, which if untreated, may lead to more serious conditions.

As Shiatsu practitioners, we endeavour to work with you in order to ascertain where actual imbalances exist. We strive to alleviate energy blockages with the power of touch, thereby, enabling the body’s natural balance to re-establish itself. Shiatsu massage can create a deeply relaxing experience and regular sessions can relieve habitual problems through a sense of greater self-awareness.

Shiatsu benefits

From a Western prospective, Shiatsu works on the central nervous system to relax the body. It improves the circulation of blood and lymph, mobilises the joints and with the power of stimulation, it leads to healthy internal organ functions. It is reported that Shiatsu can strengthen the immune system.

Shiatsu can be of help for:

Shiatsu has been practised in the UK since the 1970’s and there are over 2,000 practitioners in Britain today.

Anybody can benefit from Shiatsu. Primarily, Shiatsu is a preventive medicine which helps to maintain good health, strengthens one’s energy and creates a general feeling of well-being. It can be effective in helping a wide range of stress related problems and chronic conditions.

Independent research carried out by Professor Long at the University of Leeds found out that...